Mid-summer cultural exchange at MLC

Release date:2021/11/19
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Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) of the University of Macau (UM) welcomed a delegation from Da Xia College of East China Normal University between 13 July and 14 July. The event began with a welcome speech by MLC Master Prof Yang Liu, who presented to the guests UM’s unique features and the Residential College (RC) 2.0 initiative. Prof Yang expressed her heartfelt thanks to Da Xia College for their hospitality to MLC teachers and students during their visit to Shanghai. Prof Mu Tao, master of Da Xia College, reviewed the history of collaboration between the two colleges. He praised UM for its residential college system and MLC for its management style, and expressed hope to build a long-term partnership with MLC.


MLC arranged three history lectures for the visitors, namely ‘The Relationship between Kang Youwei and Emperor Guangxu during the Hundred Days Reform’, ‘History and Reality: The Gambling Industry in Macao’, and ‘Everyday Life of Macao Residents during WWII from a Microhistory Perspective’. The lectures discussed the development of Macao SAR's inclusive society in the past two centuries, which helped the guests learn more about the different cultures in Macao. Students of Da Xia College were very interested in the history of Macao in relation to its cultural heritage and tourism and gaming industries.

Updated on 19 Nov 2021